Infusion Center

With certain acute and chronic conditions, oral medication is not enough. Infusion therapy is a method to treat diseases through administering intravenous medications. Our infusion center is Coffee Regional’s latest addition, designed for patient care and comfort, allowing you to benefit from expert care, locally. We offer a range of treatments including chemotherapy, fluid hydration, apheresis, and more.

Treatments & Therapies

Hematology Infusion Services include (but are not limited to): iron, injectafer, gamma globulins, procrit, and prolea injections. Oncology Infusion Services include (but are not limited to): chemotherapy and immunotherapy infusions with associated injections including neulasta, neupogen, faslodex, and Lupron. Blood and platelet infusions are also given, as needed, to patients who experience chemo related anemia as well as Leukemia patients.

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